Practice Facility

Georgia Golf Center offers an excellent practice facility to improve every facet of your golf game. Whether you are working on your full swing or putting skills, our facility has exactly what you need. Our facility includes 16 covered tee areas and 8 with heaters, along with a new club fitting laboratory and renovated indoor heated golf instruction hitting bays.

Our Facility

***Range ball price change is effective as of Monday January 2nd, 2017***

Our Amenities Include:

Grass Tee Area Heated Teaching Bay

Range Ball Prices  

Warm Up (30 balls)        Small(50 balls)     Medium(85 balls)     Large(120 balls)
$5.00 Regular                   $7.50 Regular          $11.00 Regular         $13.00 Regular
$5.00 Seniors                    $7.00 Seniors           $10.00   Seniors           $12.00 Seniors
Frequent Hitter Card
Frequent hitters can save up to 25% off by getting a Frequent Hitters Card.
A $50 card will get you $60 worth of balls.
A $100 card will get you $125 worth of balls.
A $300 card will get you $400 worth of balls.

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